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Advantech is a leading player in the global healthcare market, With decades of proven experience. Advantech iHealthcare has developed its core competencies and collaborated with international medical equipment manufacturers and system integrators, to assist hospitals with advancing patient-centered healthcare. Starting with high-performance as well as medical-grade products, Advantech iHealthcare branches out into integrated platforms and services aimed at mission-critical healthcare applications.



Barco designs technology to enable bright outcomes around the world. Seeing beyond the image, we develop visualization and collaboration solutions to help you work together, share insights, and wow audiences. Barco help medical professionals enable better health outcomes and work more efficiently in an increasingly complex healthcare enterprise. Barco has solutions from Radiology, Mammography, Dermatology, Surgery, Modality, Digital Pathology to Dentistry. All of Barco medical solutions have been designed to help improve clinical accuracy, boost productivity, simplify workflow, and enhance ergonomics. With healthcare enterprises becoming more complex (hospital consolidation, stricter medical regulations, etc.) and the need for more personalized care, efficiency is key. We help you save time, money, and resources through automation of medical workflows, worry-free compliance with medical standards, insightful reporting, and other clever benefits.

Mom’s Belief

Mom’s Belief is innovation and research driven holistic care provider for children with Special Needs and operates through Home-Based Program as well as extensive list of Therapy Centres & Inclusive Schools across the globe. “It takes one belief to change the world” Mom’s Belief is India’s Largest holistic care provider for Children with Special Needs and soon to be World’s largest. This phenomenal growth is a reflection of unwavering belief of parents in us. The vision of Mom’s Belief is to improve the lives of those affected by neuro- developmental disorders and to empower parents with resources, training and ongoing mentoring.


Rosenfield Health Ltd

Rosenfield with more than 20 years of working alongside our customers and partners had acquired the experience of enhancing and improving the medical imaging workflows. Rosenfield Health is a medical technology company focusing on medical imaging informatics and workflow automation. Rosenfield is in a mission to empower better workflows for better patient care in Radiology and Oncology. Rosenfield leverages full-fledged vendor-neutral and innovative solutions, enabling healthcare stakeholders to enhance workflows and provide better service, through better care delivery, knowledge sharing and quality improvement in vital medical imaging areas.


ViewRay®, Inc. shifts the paradigm in cancer treatment with the MRIdian® MRI-guided adaptive radiotherapy system. We’re changing radiation therapy for the better with accurate, precise and personalized cancer treatment that no other system delivers, addressing the key limitations of existing external-beam radiation therapy technologies. Real-time imaging clearly defines the targeted tumor from the surrounding soft tissue and other critical organs during radiation treatment. MRIdian shapes the dose to fit the day. It’s the only MR solution that enables fully integrated adaptive treatment with complete, on-table re-optimization of the daily treatment plan.



Ergotron, Inc. is a global leader in designing ergonomic solutions that connect people and technology to enhance human performance, health and happiness. Using the Technology of Movement™, Ergotron builds products and custom solutions that help people feel a new sense of energy in healthcare, industrial and office settings, both at home and on-site. Through its 40- year history, Ergotron has led the industry with innovative, professional-grade products and customer-focused service. The company has earned more than 200 patents and established a growing portfolio of award-winning brands including WorkFit® and CareFit™, and patented Constant Force™ and LiFeKinnex™ technologies. Ergotron is headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, with a presence in North America, EMEA and Asia Pacific.


The medical dictionary defines Telomeres as the caps at the end of each strand of DNA that protect our chromosomes. The scientists have often compared them to the plastic tips of the shoe laces

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